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Macbook logic board Repair

We have extended experience with Apple products, when you will bring your Mac to our shop, in many cases we can tell you what the problem, costs to repair and the time it will take on the spot. In this case you will not be charged with any fees(except liquid damage clean service)  to look at your Macbook! If you have an issue like liquid damage, we will include the cleaning service as part of your repair quote,  you most likely will have to leave it as these issues are too complicated to provide an instant estimate on.

Typical Problems with Macs:

      • Liquid Spill Damage
        • Bring your Mac to our lab yourself or send it over for a free evaluation, you may get an evaluation on the spot, or may need to leave the Laptop with us to figure out what the liquid spill actually damaged, Spill damage is serious, it cannot be resolved just by letting your laptop dry, the liquid spilled over electronic components, together with the electrical current flowing in the Logic-board circuit will start a corrosion process that will keep eating away at the board and components, until it will render laptop non working and un-repairable, and with Apple quoting between $750 and up to $1500 to fix a water damaged Macbook (by replacing the whole main board to an over pried refurbished one)  this can be a very pricey problem to fix if not dealt with urgently.
        •  We will clean your Laptop main board with specialized equipment, get the corrosion and oxidation to stop, and then repair any damaged parts that are not working due to the spill, in many cased the cleaning process itself will resolve the problem and will allow the laptop to work and no further repair will be required
        • Typical Problems that are the result of liquid damage :
          • Laptop is Dead not charging and not starting
          • Laptops starts but No Light/Image on screen
          • Not Charging the battery
          • Keys not working properly
          • Track-Pad not working properly
      • Macbook Not Turning on

What is the Cause ?:-

        • There are several possibilities why your device not turning on
          1. Carge port is broken and does not send power
          2. Power Button is stuck and preventing your Mackbook from booting up
          3. Trackpad Damage wich in trun effects the SMC (system Management controller) and prevents your Mac to boot up
          4. Circuits inside the logic board are damaged and will not send power to the right components
          5. Liquid Damage
      • Cracked Screen
      • Battery Not Charging
      • Trackpad/Keyboard Issues
      • Laptop Overhearing
      • USB Ports not working

6 Main reasons why repair with us :

  1. We repair your Laptop at the Logic-board level component, (Apple will not do that)
  2. We repair what is broken only, we do not replace the main board and ask you to bare the high cost of replacement (Approx $750 – $1500)
  3. We use Specialized tools for removing liquid damage, (Ultrasonic Cleaning Process) which is not just cleaning with Alcohole solution that most other repair shops will do
  4. We will repair your Laptop free of charge if you come back with a related problem within 60 days warranty period
  5. Fair Pricing
  6. Top Quality Parts
This is what it will cost to repair with us:
  • Keyboard Replacement:  $220 – $350 (depends on model)
  • Track-pad:  $160 – 250 (depends on model)
  • Logic Board repair $250 – $500 (depends on model) 
  • Any Combination of the 3 items above $300 – $600 (Depends on model)
  • Screen Repairs $250 – $650 (Depends on Model)

Have a Question ? Feel free to call us during Lab operating hours or visit us at our location

(647) 490-4144

61 Alness St, Unit 208 (2nd Floor) , North York, On, 3J8 2H2                                            Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6 PM

Liquid Damage Macbook Pro A1708 - Advanced board corrosion damage (Non Repairable)
Liquid Damage Macbook Air A1466 - Corrosion starting on the chip edge (Repairable)

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