Mobile Phone Repairs and MicroSoldering

iPhone/Samsung Logicboard level Repairs

At OmniDataPlus we specialize in Micosoldering and Electronic level Repairs to Most brands of Phones and Tablets, We offer full stack of services from as simple as Screen and battery replacement for an iPhone  provided in North York Location,  through  Microsoldering Charge ports on an iPad to replacing a Audio IC on an iPhone, diagnosis of failures on sandwich motherboards of iPhone 10 and up, Screen non working, iPhones boot looping, iPads stuck on apple logo, etc,  we have all the tools and knowledge to perform electronic board level analysis on your iPhone/Samsung device and the skills to repair electronics level problems and issues

Devices we typically repair:

  • iPhone 12,12Pro ,MAX
  • iPhone 11,11Pro ,MAX
  • iPhone X, Xs Max, Xr
  • iPhone 7,8
  • iPhone 7 Audio IC Replacement/Repair
  • iPhone 6P Touch IC Replacement/Repair
  • iPhone 6 Searching/No Service
  • iPhone 6,6S Blown Back-light Circuits
  • Any iPhone that Do not turn on
  • Any iPhone Data Recovery 
  • Any Samsung S Series Phones and Tablets
Most other repair shops will normally offer “parts replacement”services, i.e your screen is broken, they will replace your screen, charge port not working, they will replace your charge port, your battery cannot hold charge, they will replace your battery, However,  when it comes to “level 3” Repairs, i.e your iPhone is “dead” or it is working but unable to charge, or,  noting shows on the screen but your phone shows connected when connecting to a computer,  most repair shops will not be able to provide a solution for these type of problems and will send you to the Manufacturers for service,  our aim is to provide another option, which can get your Phone fixed, with reasonable priced service, our lab is fully equipped to deal with the micro electronic side of these devices with a solution that can resolve a multitude of issues that we consider solvable on these, both supporting you as a owner of this device by giving you more options, and in turn adher to our mission statement of recycling these Phones by preventing them getting a perfectly repairable device to a landfill.    

Apple or Samsung will not repair your device, they will offer you a “refurbished” replacement for a standard fixed fee (depends on the model of the phone)

Apple or any other Device Manufacturer DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR DATA and will not help you get it back if your phone stopped working and you do not have a backup

We will get you your Data back if your phone is repairable

You can send us your device by initiating a repair or visit our lab for an evaluation on repair costs

Have a Question ? Feel free to call us during Lab operating hours or visit us at our location

(647) 490-4144

61 Alness St, Unit 201A(2nd Floor) , North York, On, 3J8 2H2                                            Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6 PM

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