Water Damage Repair

Spilled coffee on my Laptop, what do I do now ?

  • Liquid damage repair is one of the most common repair we are performing. If you dropped your iPhone in water or soaked your Macbook Pro with coffee, time is a factor in saving your device from further damage, here are some Instructions for dealing with liquid soaked Phone or Laptop :-
  • DON’T TURN IT ON, If your Phone/Laptop is on, Do try to shut it down, don’t press any other buttons, don’t press any key, don’t try to make a call or use your phone for any other purpose
  • REMOVE THE BATTERY (if it is user -removable), remove its protective case and the sim card (memory card if exists)
  • DO NOT USE A HAIR DRYER, HEAT GUN OR BAKE IT IN YOUR OVEN, There are sensitive components in the phone that can get damaged and are expensive to replace(Camera mountings earphone jacks and charging ports) Dry the remaining liquid with a paper towel,
  • DO NOT TRY TO OPEN THE PHONE/LAPTOP or take it apart in any way, trying to take apart the phone or any other device without proper tools and knowledge may result in non repairable device
  • DO NOT PLACE PHONE IN RICE, you may dry out the moisture from the phone itself but you will not stop the corrosive process form “eating” at your phone electronic components, and in fact delay further the chance of successful restoration.
  • BRING YOUR DEVICE TO OUR REPAIR SHOP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE Time is of the essence, the sooner you bring over the device to the shop the greater the chance, of us saving your device, we have all the appropriate tools and knowledge  to clean your device, it will only cost you 65$ – $75  for a professional cleaning of the Phone/Laptop/Device main board that will stop further corrosion and water damage from destroying your device beyond repair, our lab is located in North York and we offer Macbook Water Damage Repair Services for
Water Damage Camera PCB
Liquid Damage Nikon Power supply PCB (less than 4 Hours after Incident)
Nikon Power supply board after restoration
Camera Power Supply PCB After water damage restoration

After we will remove the corrosion and oxidization from the device We will perform a quick diagnosis  and assess if the device is repairable, and can be restored to a working state or perform Data Recovery only if needed( in cases that the device is non fixable to a full working order we can still have a path to data if Data Recovery service is elected)



The cost for the cleaning Service is $175.00(75$ Paid in advance) for Phones/Tablets, $250 (75$ Paid in advance)for Laptops/Macbooks, We will Call you and update you if further repair is needed to get your device to work, if you opt to repair your device we will include the price of the cleaning service as part of the total repair quote, if you opt not to repair we will retain the cleaning price as payment for the cleaning service + Disassembly/Reassembly , in some cases cleaning the device is sufficient to get it to power up, in this case you will not be further charged for anything other then your cleaning service and a fee for taking the device apart and assembly back togather  as stated above

Liquid Damage Devices we repair:

    • Laptops: All Major Brands and Models , Asus, HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo
    • Apple : All Macbook Models, Air, Pro 
    • Phones: All Brands and models, Apple and Samsung devices
    • Ipads/Tabs: All Brands and Models
    • Cameras/Action Cameras: Liquid Damaged Cameras

Electronic Repair Costs  :

Once your device had been cleaned we will attempt to fix the actual damaged parts, these are the costs assosciated 

  • Logic Board (Main board) :  $300-$650* (inc No Power, No Bakclight, and most board level electronic issue repairs) 
  • Keyboard :  $180 – $300*
  • Trackpad : $150 – $280*

* Price Range is dependent on Device type and complexity, Apple Macbook parts are more expensie then a typical PC laptop parts, some macbooks are more difficult to repair than others

Disclaimer:  In some cases the damage to electronic components is so great that the device is non-repairable, we cannot guarantee successful repair, even after proper cleaning, in this case you will be charged only for the dissasembly/assembly fees but not for any diagnosis or any repair parts there after 

Typical Liquid Damage Cleaning Services Costs( Only Ultrasonic Cleaning process, Water repellent process, PCB Drying  and PCB inspection and Verification, Does not include Actual Repair for electronic Damage) :-

  • Apple Laptops (all Makes and models):  $250
  • Non Apple Logic boards:  $165 – $175
  • PC Motherboard: $130
  • iPhone/iPad/Tab: Call for a quote
  • Cameras/Action Cameras PCB Cleaning $130 (Includes Power supply circuitry)

All Prices quoted are for cleaning service  Only, not inclusive of disassembly/reassembly fees and any other parts the device may need to be back to normal operating state

Have a Question ? Feel free to call us during Lab operating hours or visit us at our location

(647) 490-4144

61 Alness St, Unit 208 (2nd Floor) , North York, On, 3J8 2H2                                            Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6 PM

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