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Welcome to OmniData+

We are an Electronics repair shop specializing in
Computer, Phone, and Tablet repairs, our repair services includes board level electronic repairs Apple laptops logic board repair, Micro-Soldering services for Apple and Android devices and professional in house clean room Data Recovery Services from Hard drives, SSD, SD cards and USB Keys,High Quality services, reasonably priced, Drop in if you are local, or mail-in your device by filling out our Mail-In Form

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Services we offer

Liquid Damage Repair

Did you dropped your Phone in the Lake in your last fishing trip ?, Jumped in to the pool with your phone in your last Vacation?, don’t despair, we can save it, Most liquid damaged devices can be saved with extremely high success rate if you follow some simple instructions (Provided on the Services page) and getting the Device to us ASAP, the sooner we get the device the higher chance of success

Mobile Phone Repair

We offer Screen and battery replacement services for all the major brands, up to solving and fixing component level problems, like Phone is not charging or phone is working but no display

Apple/PC Laptop Repair

At OmniData+ we specialize in fixing and upgrading Apple Macintosh Laptops or any other brand of Laptop/PC in the markets today, we repair accidental spilled liquid non working laptops, cracked or damaged screens, keyboard and track pad repairs, laptop batteries and more

iPad and Tablet Repair

Whether your iPad boot looping, dropped your iPad on the floor and it is not starting any more, we can fix it!! we can fix and rehab your iPad with a fraction of the cost of a new one, Cracked screens and battery service for iPads and Samsung tablets are also provided with top quality parts for a reasonable pricing

Micro-Soldering Services and General Electronic Repair

We provide specialized board level repairs and Micro-Soldering services for Most Electronic Devices with speciality in Mac/PC logic boards, we can repair Overheating GPU’s, Car KeyFOBs and many other devices

Data Recovery

We offer a wide range of Data Recovery Services, from mobile devices, Hard Drives, SSDs, MicroSD, USB Memory sticks and SD Cards, all reasonably priced, no more outrages prices recovery services

Why Us

Fair Pricing

You can drop by and get a quote, or mail-in your item, either for a Data Recovery job or a Phone/Tablet that the local  repair shop is unable to fix, we will always strive to offer the best price for solving repairing your device


We are confident in our work and strive to give high quality service, we pride ourselves for high quality workmanship, we offer a 60-Day warranty on all our repairs for your peace of mind 


We offer a unique type of service that most device repair shops are unable to offer, we solve the root cause of your device issues electronically, We  have the tools and knowledge to do so and treat every item with care as if it is our own. When you submit your device for repair, you can rest assured that it’s in good hands

Best Quality Repair Services
for Best possible pricing

Rated 5 Stars for Quality Service by many of our Clients


Can’t drop by? No problem. we offer a Mail-In Service  option that makes it easy to repair your device from the comfort of your home. Our customers love this option, and feel comfortable knowing that their devices are in good hands. Send us your device today and receive impeccable service you can trust


Have a question about repair or device? Our newest question and answer page allows you to ask us a question about anything technically related, and get expert advice and answers from one of our experienced technicians. We want to hear from you and hope you will find this new tool useful

Liquid Damage Restoration

There is a lot of misconception with regards to how to rescue a liquid damage phone or Laptop, This is a quick guide on for rescuing phones, laptops, cameras and literally every device that has suffered liquid damaged, Don’t make the crucial mistake that could destroy your device beyond repair, the sooner you will bring the device to us the better the outcome may be, don’t be fooled by the “Water-Resistant” label, Water-Resistance does not mean Water proof, the worst thing you can do is put your device is rice or bake it in the oven and expect it to work as normal afterwords, in fact, it is the worst thing you can do, Rice will not stop the corrosive processes that had started with liquid touching the device electronic circuit, and even if you device indeed starts after 2 – 3 days in a rice bag, the corrosion under the main board components has already in full force and eventually cause malfunction, we posses the right tools and knowledge to rescue your device and though there are no guaranties, in vast majority of cases we can rescue the device if we got it in a expedited manner    


We randomly pick a device from our shop and fix it on camera. many more videos to watch and learn from. You will see how we troubleshoot and fix problems. Click on the Visit our youtube channel and hit the subscribe button to stay up to date on latest uploads

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