World-Class Data Recovery Services

We Can Recover Data from the following type of Devices
  • Laptops Hard Drives 
  • Liquid Damaged IPhones
  • Physically Damaged USB Flash Drives
  • SD & microSD Cards
  • WD MyPassport/ Seagate One Touch
  • Desktop Hard Drives 
  • External Drives
  • USB Hard Drives
  • RAID Configurations
  • SSD, SATA,SCSI and more

Data Recovery in North York Lab

We offer the best reliable Data Recovery Services in North York region, we can help you get your data back, either for a simple data recovery job, up to a serious job requiring a clean room, we can do it all here in our lab, We do not send your device off to an expensive 3rd party lab, paying highly expensive fees, we believe that Data Recovery should not be a “Black box” type of service that always associated with very high costs, our service is always transparent and open, we possess extensive data recovery knowledge and experience recovering Data from many devices, including Smartphones, Tablets,and many other devices, with any type of file systems  including Mac, Windows, Linux, and many others, and we will do that with reasonable price without the need for you to pay through your nose

Some Basic information about Dara recovery

The most common first question any one has when you realize you lost your data is How much will it cost to get a professional Data Recovery service recover my data?, Well, there is no simple answer to that question, all Smart devices are prone to some form of failure in some point in time, almost all widely used electronic devices today,  embed some complex electronic circuits that are sensitive and has the potential of failure, unfortunately No device is immune to it, and though some are built better than others they are all will potentially fail in some form or another in their life time, we all use Smartphones, Laptops, PCs these days that are an integral part of our lives, they all store important information needed to run our daily lives, and there is always a risk that the if the device suddenly stopped working potentially we lose all that data.

Typical Data Recovery Scenarios:

 We categorize data recovery to several classifications, each is unique and has its associated challenges:

  • Cell Phone /Tablet Data Recovery
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Solid State Drives(SSD) Data Recovery
  • USB Thumb Drives and SD/MicroSD Flash drives and Memory Cards(Monolithic Devices) 

Hard Disk Drives and SSDs can further be Categorized to 3 Types of Data Recovery Scenarios

  • Logical failures : – Drive is fully functional, but typical failure are attributed with file and Operating System Level issues and errors preventing data access
  • Disk Level Failures: – Disk level issues like firmware and service area problems, specific to the drive itself, (does not required  mechanical or electronic repair on the drive)
  • Drive Level Mechanical Failures:- Will Require rebuild of the Drive mechanically with donor parts to a basic working order, (in many cases together with one or  any combination of the first 2 level failures)  to be able to read the drive and get the data from it

These Categories are the main factors affecting the Data recovery Pricing, Type 3 of of failure will require much more work and expensive tools like a Clean Room or a Clean workstation for example to be able to rebuild the drive to a readable state, making the recovery much more expensive to the customer, and on top of that, with the business model that most of Data Recovery Labs operate these days, No Data No Pay, the Risk to the Lab is huge, a drive rebuild can take hours sometimes making the recovery process very labor intensive, only to get to the end result of no success(and no pay from the customer).   

Our Business model is different, we strive to eliminate the “black box”type of service that many customers are facing when it comes to Data recovery services, we also want to eliminate the price anxiety that is associated to Data Recovery, Our services are all Priced in advance,no hidden fees or surprise costs, all work is transparent, with the customer fully aware of the work and the costs, All recoveries are starting with a base price quote,(subject to our Terms and Conditions for Data Recovery) and the final decision on the service is at the customer hands, the goal is to provide you your data back, in the most efficient way, reasonably priced.

So what can I expect in terms of costs then ?

Providing you an accurate cost for your complete data recovery job is extremely difficult without actually inspecting the device in our lab, however as stated, we offer  a base price for recovery service that in most cases will covery the full process,  however in the case that this is porving to be a different type of recovery,than originally stted, we will work with you to help make a decision if additional work/Parts are needed and the costs associated.

Our Data recovery base price service listed below(Prices in CAD and subjected to the Terms and conditions for Data recovery):

Hard Drives
 –  Logical Failure Data Retrieval : No Physical damage to drive Hardware, Drive is fully operational (i.e. accidental format or partitioning, accidental deletion of files and folders)   
 –  Disk level malfunction, Drive is partially operational due to Firmware Failure Partial Hardware Malfunction-, dealing with specific Internal components :-, partial head read degradation, bad sectors due to some physical platter damage, etc.  

 – Hardware/Mechanical Failure : Drive clicking or screeching  noises, complete failure of heads/Plates, no access to data or drive is completely dead ( Drive will likely require some form of hardware repair like Heads swap in a Clean Room, electronic controller repair and/or other hardware repair for gaining path to data)
SD Cards/microSD Cards, USB Flash drives
 – Basic Logical Data Retrieval : No Physical damage to Card Hardware, Drive is fully operational (i.e. accidental format or partitioning ) 
 –  Card Requires “CHIP OFF” data recovery : Card Has Physical Damage (i.e. torn traces which will require micro-soldering work to get path to data) , Card is unreadable/ unidentifiable via computer OS,, require to desolder NAND Chips off the USB and/or reconstruct the logical Controller algorithm to gain path to data 
Cell Phones

 – Phone Drop or liquid damage.(Data recovery only, Phone will not be operational after for water damage repair please see Water Damage repair prices)

 – for any damage inflicted by inept repair technicians for prior repair attempts(long screw damage, torn components or inept soldering work) that will render recovery on the phone close to impossible

 depending on extent of damage/ type of failure similar to SD cards or Flash Drives

Have a Question about Data Recovery ? Feel free to call us during Lab operating hours or visit us at our location

(647) 490-4144

                               61 Alness St, Unit 201A(2nd Floor) , North York, On, 3J8 2H2                                   

Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6 PM

Data Recovery Terms and Conditions

  • 85% of Clients ending up paying the quoted prices stated above ( Excluding Shipping, Any additional Donor parts needed and  Media for recovered data(Transfer Drive)
  • IF We cannot recover any of the data on the drive there is no charge (Excluding Shipping and or Donor parts that may be required to get your drive to a readable state)
  • No Diagnostic or Attempt Fee if your Data is Completely Unrecoverable
  • There is an $150 CAD Labor Charge if you do not want the Data we Can Recover (If we Recovered 99%  or more of your Data, Recovery Refusal is not an option after accepting recovery quote and Completion of the recovery process)
  • Our Maximum Rates will not pass the maximum prices quoted above


For Data Recovery and Repair Videos, please check our Youtube Channel, we often pick a Data Recovery case and show it on our channel

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