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Common Questions for Repair and Data recovery


When an electronic device circuitry comes in contact with water , it not enough just to dry it out, Water or any other liquids have chemicals and minerals that give it a certain PH(Acidic or Basic) which in turn with the electric current that is present in the circuit will start an Oxidation/Corrosion process similar to Rust, unfortunately, drying your device will not be enough, as the presence of electricity will keep that processes going, even when your device is dry (note: the Oxidation will continue even when there is no electricity, just at a slightly slower pace) 

That is one of the reasons putting your phone in rice will not resolve the damage problem, and if left untreated, your phone will progressively start exhibiting malfunctions as the corrosion and oxidation progresses progressing and eating away at components and traces on your device, until eventual complete failure.

It is usually best to open the device getting it dried and treated by a professional as soon as possible,  this will give you a better chance for a successful recovery of your data and even getting your device to fully function again, in some cases internal components may need to be replaced, Screen and battery Replacement are typical in these cases if the phone is to be refurbished to a working order again, this will not be required if you are interested in Data recovery only

At OmnidataPlus we have all the equipment and  knowledge on how best to do that for you, and will recommend the best strategy for repair 

At OmniDataPlus we specialize in Micosoldering and Electronic level Repairs to Most brands of Phones and Tablets, We offer full stack of services from as simple as Screen and battery replacement for an Iphone through  Microsoldering Charge ports on an iPad to replacing a Audio IC on an iPhone, diagnosis of failures on sandwich motherboards of iPhone 10 and up, Screen non working Face ID on Iphones boot looping IPads, etc, we posess all the tools and knowledge to perform electronic board level analysis on your device and the skills to repair on all iPhones and iPads, Samsung devices:

Devices we typically repair:

  • iPhone 12,12Pro ,MAX
  • iPhone 11,11Pro ,MAX
  • iPhone X, Xs Max, Xr
  • iPhone 7,8
  • iPhone 7 Audio IC Replacement/Repair
  • iPhone 6P Touch IC Replacement/Repair
  • iPhone 6 Searching/No Service
  • iPhone 6,6S Blown Backlight Circuits
  • Any iPhone that Do not turn on
  • Any IPhone Data Recovery 
  • Any Samsung S Series Phones and Tablets

We have extended experience with Apple products, when you will bring your Mac to our shop, in many cases we can tell you what the problem, costs to repair and the time it will take on the spot. In this case you will not be charged with any fees(except liquid damage clean service)  to look at your Macbook! If you have an issue like liquid damage, we will include the cleaning service as part of your repair quote,  you most likely will have to leave it as these issues are too complicated to provide an instant estimate on.


Typical Problems with Macs:

  • Liquid Spill Damage
  • Keys/Keyboard Nor working
  • Not turning on
  • Running Slow/Fans are constantly noisy
  • Cracked Screen

Other Issues we can repair:

The above is a typical list of issues we see, there are other issues we can repair , Just bring it over to our shop, we will do our best to fix it, older Mac Pro, and Laptops are welcomed in our shop

OmniDataPlus has been serving North York and the surrounding area, our customers know our reputation for honest, professional, and courteous service. We look at repairs from your point of view – that’s why we provide guaranteed estimates and aim to get your equipment back to you in the shortest time possible so that you won’t miss a beat or that big game.


General Electronic Repair Services:

  • Car Keys and FOBS
  • Car ECM Modules
  • Any other Electronic Device that spare parts can be sourced*

*At this time we are not able to fix Television sets or computer monitors of any kind

Liquid damage device cleaning is not a repair, it is an additional service that we are providing on top of repair services. Upon completion of cleaning, we will inform you with an estimate for any additional repairs needed. Upon your approval of our estimate, we will proceed with the repair.If you decline the repair estimate, we reassemble your device and return it to you at it’s current state with no additional charges. The $60.00 liquid cleaning fee you have already paid will be considered payment for the cleaning service.

Cleaning Service Prices:

  • Phone/Tablet: $65.00 (Paid in Advance)
  • Laptop: $75.00 (Paid in Advance)

(See Water Damage Repair Section for Service Description)


Disclaimer:  In some cases the damage to electronic components is so great that the device is non-repairable, we cannot guarantee successful repair, even after proper cleaning, in this case you will be charged only for the cleaning service and not for diagnosis or any repair efforts/parts there after   


You may need a GPU(Graphic Processing Unit) Repair if you see any of these situations

  • Your monitor won’t display any graphics
  • Your Graphics are blurry, flickering, or poor resolution
  • You need a second monitor

Whether you’re writing an email or binge-watching hilarious cat videos, without a reliable and high-quality visual display, your computer suddenly becomes a lot less enjoyable to use. The little piece of hardware which makes all that possible is known as a Graphics Card. This expansion card connects directly to your computer’s logic board and manages the vast quantities of graphics data which flows from your computer to your monitor. We’ll give you a quick overview of how your video card does its job, what can go wrong and steps you can take at home to diagnose graphics problems.   Remember, a nerd is always available to get your monitor glowing as vibrantly as the day you brought it home and peeled off its plastic protection screen. If you’re experiencing problems with the graphics on your computer, from irritating flickering to the dreaded black screen of oblivion, we can figure out what’s going wrong and give you a free estimate on how much it will cost to fix.   You can reach us by phone at 289-472-5134 or fill out our Mail in Repair if you prefer. to send your device over or even ask as a question on the Ask Us section of our web site


Video Cards, an incredibly Sophisticated device

For a little piece of circuitry hidden away inside your PC, a video card packs a pretty astounding punch. Just take a look at the vast amount of information reaching your monitor at any moment and you’ll get a sense of how much processing power and work your video card is responsible for. For this reason, video cards have their own dedicated processor (think of it as the graphics ‘brain’ of your computer) which draws from a special kind of high-speed memory, called VRAM Owing to the huge amount of work it does, your typical video card generates a lot of heat. So the card will usually also include a system for rapidly dissipating heat away from sensitive circuitry, via Heat Sinks or a Fan, and while you normally don’t need to physically handle this type of equipment as an End User, your Video Card is a crucial part of your computer system


Like Any Electronic Equipment They frequently Fail

The second fact you should know about video cards is that they are frequently a “weak point” in the chain of hardware which makes your computer run. While it depends a little on how graphics-intensive your computing habits are, video cards are placed under a lot of strain.   The heatsink can fail. Soldering points can melt or corrode. The VRAM and support circuits can give up the ghost. Even if your video card functions perfectly, with heavy use it may begin to show signs of failing in as little as two years.


Like Any other Device they are not all the same 

As any other Electronic Device, there are many types and configurations, they vary across quality and price and as such vary in quality 

My Display is not working what do I do ?

The big question we get asked when a customer comes to us with a graphics problem is, “will I need a new video card?”   The answer is perhaps … but not necessarily. A bad display picture can be caused by a a list  problems, some of which you can solve yourself. Others, only a trained electronics professional can fix.

What Can I do if my display isn’t working

  • First of all, check your connections. We don’t just mean wiggle your graphics cable around a bit to make sure that both ends are connected to something! Turn off your computer and monitor and carefully unplug both ends of the cable. Take a close look for dust, bent pins, corrosion or anything that seems out of place. If the cable looks bad, you’ll need to replace it. If the cable seems fine, reconnect it, being sure that both ends are firmly and correctly housed. This simple process solves a surprising number of graphics issues.
  • Secondly, be sure you have the right drivers installed. Many people don’t bother to install the correct graphics drivers when they purchase a new monitor. While a new monitor may seem to work without the correct drivers, it’s likely you’ll eventually experience some kind of performance issues. Be sure to follow the instructions that came with your monitor, and install all the correct drivers.
  • Finally, remember that heat is your enemy. Remember what you read before about video cards and heat? They generate a lot of it.
  • You wouldn’t sit outside in the sun and expect to operate at peak efficiency. Your computer is just the same. If you find that graphics issues are occurring after a prolonged period of graphics intensive work, check that your computer is properly ventilated. Make sure there is sufficient air around your computer and check that you don’t have dust clogging airflow around the vents.  

When you think you need assistance from a professional 

If you are lucky, the above simple steps may resolve your graphics issues. However, if the problem persists it’s likely your problem has something to do with hardware and you’ll need an expert to help you get to the bottom of the problem.   If you’re experiencing any of these issues on an ongoing basis, it’s likely your video card will need repair or replacement.  

  • Stuttering: the screen stops and starts quickly, making any kind of animation jumpy.
  • Artifacts: you see odd shapes and light effects or small areas of frozen screen
  • Crashes: the entire computer crashes when you perform graphics-intensive tasks

  Here’s what we will do to help you:

We will run a full diagnostic

This is the number one reason why coming to us can save you serious time and money! We aren’t just going to immediately recommend that you replace your expensive equipment. we will run a full diagnostic on our test bench. The only charge you’ll get for this service is to cover the cost of our time.   This diagnostic is invaluable because it will allow us to rule out other problems before resorting to hardware repair. If there’s a simple, inexpensive solution we will find it for you, and here you go, Money and time saved.

We will Offer you an Electronic Graphic card Repair

The major advantage of working with us is that we have all the equipment and the knowledge to electronically fix these cards, Depending on the problem you’re facing, our shop may be able to perform delicate repairs to your card. these Cards can be extremely expensive and if If your hardware issue can be fixed at much less cost than a replacement, we’ll give you that option

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