Q: Do you repair MacBook Pro FlexGate Issue ?

A: Yes We do, Most MacBook Pro models 13″ and 15″ (A2251,A2289,A1990,A1707,A1989,A1706, A1708 ) have a potential design flow that will probably show up some time during the life time usage of the laptop, in these models Apple moved away from using the Standard LVDS Cable you can find in earlier MacBook Pro models, to […]

Q: I Accidentally deleted files on my SSD Drive, Can I get my files back ?

A: Yes, it depends on some factors, Low success rate Typical SSD drive data recovery is very different than HDD data recovery, SSDs are pure electronic devices, and though one would want to believe that these are much more reliable, this is somewhat ,a misconception, typically when SSDs fail you rarely get any indication there […]

Q: How do you fix a phone that fell in water?

A: We have a well established process to fix a water damaged Phone and other devices. We need to get the phone at our lab as soon as possible, any time that is taken between the actual incident to the time that we start the process of remediation of the water damage, is critical and […]

Q: My iPhone does not charge it’s battery, can it be fixed ?

A: YES There are many reasons that can render your iPhone not to be able to charge its battery,it can be attributed to simple problems like a broken charge port, or in some cases (i.e. liquid damage) an open line somewhere on the charging circuit in the phone, Some iPhone models exhibit typical charging issues, […]

Q: Can data be recovered from a dead iPhone without a backup ?

A: YES Recovering the data from a dead iPhone is on many cases very much possible depending on the problem. Of course, if one of the major critical components like the NAND (memory chip) is corrupt, or the CPU is cracked, then this will not be possible. In most cases though this is never the […]

Q: Can my Device be fully Fixed after Liquid Damage?

A: YES All Devices can be fixed after suffering water damage, it all depends very much on what you will do after the incident, if you will put your device in rice, in the hope that this will save your device, while delaying an actual repair that will actually take care of the oxidation and […]

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